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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fresh Start

I want a fresh start. It's not because some pretty famous bloggers told me not to write my blog about a "hot being green," lol, but that certainly reinforced something I'd been wrestling with for a while. (That thing being feeling the need to have every single one of my posts somehow to tie into the "Simple Greenish" was starting to feel a bit forced). No worries, I haven't stopped being greenish, but I feel like the freedom of not being tied to a particular theme will really help my writing and this blog thrive. Rather than letting all my hard work go to waste, I'm keeping things as they were. Slowly but surely I will update old pages, posts, and links...and hopefully everything will flow together in time. I hope you will stick around and bear with me during this transition. Thanks for the continued support of this indecisive gal!